VoIP Virtual PBX System – An Affordable Telecommunication System

An affordable telecommunication system is a big boon for small and medium businesses. The VoIP virtual PBX system is one of the most sought after office telecommunication solution today. They come with all the advantages of a conventional phone system and the greatest advantage is that the sophisticated technology can be utilized at budget-friendly rates.

Cut down your Infrastructure Costs

Unlike the traditional PBX system, a virtual PBX phone system can be set up without much onsite hardware investment. The phone system is entirely web-based and the necessary equipment is maintained by the service provider that offers you the facilities at a reasonable monthly charge.

With a conventional phone system, a small office looking to expand its business would have to install multiple phone lines to add more extensions to reach their staff. VoIP PBX helps avoid all such hassles. You can add on any number of phone lines with the help of the web interface through a single telephone line. The additional phone lines can be integrated to the existing phone line, thereby cutting down on additional phone line installation expenses.

Affordable Telecommunication System- Reduce Calling Rates

If you have multiple offices or clients in various locations, making calls to all these places can be expensive. With virtual PBX phones, you can make long distance calls at highly reduced expenses. As calls are made over the web-based system, calling rates can be reduced to a great extent which makes the system highly affordable for small businesses.

State-of-the-Art VoIP Virtual PBX System

This affordable communication system comes with a range of sophisticated functionalities. Some of the advanced features include auto attendant, find me follow me, voicemail, fax to mail, conferencing, call queues and so on. The auto attendant feature incorporates a virtual receptionist that efficiently manages all your calls, and redirects them to appropriate locations.

Switching to the VoIP virtual PBX system facilitates smooth and effective business telecommunication. The service provider fully manages this affordable telecommunication system and even offers timely upgrades and maintenance services.

4 Great Tips to Ensure You Make the Most From Your Business Telecommunication Services

Business telecommunication services are essential to any business- start up or established for years. However, business phones are often ignored by owners and decision-makers because they don’t make up the core activities of their business. The purpose of this article is to help business owners and decision-makers make effective decisions to ensure that business mobile, office phone and internet services are delivered cost-effectively and also proactively benefit business activities.

1. Understand your plans- Service providers offer many plans which all have different features and options. Make sure you understand the bonuses available with your plans. For example, a large fleet of mobile phones may benefit from free calls between the fleet, or if you call a few numbers a lot, look for a plan that offers free or discounted calls to nominated numbers.

2. Consider switching to a VoIP service- Voice over Internet Protocol has been the new buzzword on telecommunications for some time now, and improved technology means that there can be huge savings for your business. VoIP basically means that your business telecommunication services are provided over your internet service, instead of having a separate internet connection and landline connection.

3. Upgrade your technology to increase return on investment- Research in Motion, the company that brought us blackberry, have commissioned studies which show how investing in the blackberry service has increased the productivity of businesses. You do not necessarily have to buy a blackberry but you should consider whether a PDA phone and its features could be beneficial to your business. Upgrading the technology you use could increase your profits!

4. Shop around. You may think that it would be too much of a hassle to change carriers or providers, but shopping around the different carriers means you could save up to 30% on the cost of your business telecommunication services. Even if you don’t change your business telecommunication provider, telling them you are considering taking your business telecommunication services to another provider should encourage them to drastically lower the rates they charge you. Business telecommunication services are vital to any business and too often ignored. The purpose of this article is to provide you with some quick information to improve the quality of your business telecommunication services and improve the profitability of your business.

Where to Go to Find Information About Business Telecommunications Deals

With the current economic climate, many businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water. Many others are doing okay, but are looking for ways to cut costs so that they can continue to ensure their viability as an ongoing concern.

One way to cut costs is with your business telecommunications plans. There are new business phone deals coming out all the time and it is important to ensure that you are on the plan that is most suited to your business. If you are thinking that it might be time for a change, here are some ideas to consider when looking at new plans.

  • Go and visit some shops- The most common way to find out about any new deals that may be out there is to go and visit a telecommunications shop and get an idea of the plans that they have available. The only problem with this is that there are countless phone providers out there and it can be very time consuming to go to all of them.
  • Research the information you are looking for on the internet- If you want to avoid the struggle of visiting countless shops, you could get online and do some research from all the company websites. This is still time consuming though as you have to analyse all of their plan offerings to see which one most suits you.
  • Speak to a business telecommunications consultant- This is by far the best option. Do yourself a favour and seek out the advice of a business telecommunications professional. It is their job to keep track of what plans are available on the market and then be able to advise you on which one of these plans is going to best suit your business.  

You do have a couple of options if you are looking at cutting your telecommunications costs to keep business spending in check. By far the most efficient and least time consuming option for you to take would be to see a business telecommunications consultant. Do yourself a favour and make an appointment today.