1300 Numbers – Are They Really Necessary for Your Business?

The 1300 number is a popular subject-of-interest in the land down under. But despite its rising popularity, many business owners and executives are still unable to discern the benefits that lay behind this number. If you are still in doubt if using a 1300 number is beneficial to your business, here are some answers you’ve been looking for:

1. 1300 numbers provide enhanced portability.

These numbers are hotlines that do not depend on any specific phone line. This alone can give you the liberty to choose the location of your business. Past worries of getting disconnected upon transfer are a thing of the past when it comes to 1300 numbers. You can take your number anywhere. Besides, this numbers are equipped with rerouting functionality that allows you or your representative to answer calls wherever you may be. No call is too difficult to take with these hotlines.

2. They help to facilitate the growth of your business.

1300 numbers are not only for established companies. Each one of them works to make your business look bigger and more professional no matter how small or new it is. They help to expand your popularity in the market, and they are much cheaper and more flexible.

3. 1300 numbers help to give your business additional savings on telephone costs.

When you buy a number of this type, you will be allowed to furnish your provider with a virtual number that your clients can call at local costs. This can be beneficial to both you and your caller because a virtual number saves you from the costs of installing and renting another telephone line.

4. The help to expand your market.

Hotline numbers are not restricted to a specific locality. They have a wide coverage that enables people anywhere in the land down under to reach your business. This makes hotline numbers so much better than standard landlines.

5. The help to increase the number of calls from potential customers.

1300 numbers have a call probability of up to four times greater than standard telephone numbers. This is due to the fact that many consumers believe that businesses that use these numbers are reliable and professional. This is a big plus especially for small and startup businesses.

6. 1300 numbers facilitate confidentiality of communication.

In modern business, competition is stiff and espionage is not uncommon among rival companies. Because of this, confidentiality has become very important in business telecommunication.

While standard landlines are easier to sabotage, 1300 hotlines are protected and more difficult to intercept. Sharing information over a 1300 number is a lot safer than doing it over a standard telephone number.

1300 numbers are designed to enhance the image and presence of your business in the market. With efficient marketing and customer support, these numbers can really help to boost your company’s potential for growth.