5 Things to Think About When Buying a New Small Business Phone System

Working with companies helping them with advice on their business phone plans, you soon get to see what is important to business decision makers. One of the toughest decisions to make is purchasing a small business phone system. You know you should get one but there are just so many choices out there. Coupled with this is probably the belief that your current one still works. Well, maybe it does, in that you can answer calls, but it may also be limiting business growth as there are new PBX systems with new features that could improve your business. This article contains 5 things that you need to think about when buying a new small business phone system.

Is the small business phone system future proof- The way that business phone lines are delivered to your premises is rapidly changing as technology improves. We’ve moved from PSTN technology to digital technology. Chances are that the way that your phone lines are delivered now is not the way they will be delivered in two years time. Do you really want to have to by a new system in 2 years time or would you like it to last a bit longer? Make sure you buy one that is easily upgraded and capable of dealing with multiple different technologies.

How are you going to pay for the phone system- Do you have a large amount of cash in the bank to pay for your small business phone system upfront or are you going to pay it off over a certain period of time with finance? A news system is not cheap.

What level of technical support is offered- Unfortunately sometimes things go wrong and you may not be able to fix them. You need to make sure that you buy a phone system that comes with an associated service agreement so things will get fixed in a timely manner should something go wrong.

Can you integrate it with your business phone line bill- Some business telecommunications providers will allow you to purchase a business phone system and pay it off on your phone bill over a mutually agreed to time frame. This can be great for many businesses as it improves cash flow and it also means that you only have to worry about one bill for your telecommunications usage. you don’t have to worry about paying multiple people money.

How can you utilise features to boost staff productivity- New phone systems have great features that your old one won’t. For example, with a new NEC phone system when someone rings your office phone number both the phone on your desk and mobile will ring at the same time. This means that your staff are more productive because they can answer more phone calls. If they are a sales team, this means that they can spend more time on the road in front of potential clients.

Is it time to update your system? If you have been thinking about it even a little then chances are yes. Hopefully some of the points I’ve shared above help stimulate thinking so you can make some intelligent decisions.

Business Phone Plans – The Wrong Plan Can Cost You Dearly!

The mobile phone industry is highly competitive and there are a lot of business phone plans out there. Each plan will have different features and inclusion and not all of these plans will suit your business. I’ve recently been dealing with a couple of clients who signed contracts with other dealers. They signed up for the wrong contract and now they are getting huge bills when it doesn’t need to be this way. One customer has a bill of nearly $300 per month that could have been as low as $79 per month.

You don’t need to get stuck on the wrong business phone plan though. You can solve your problem. The best way to do this is by getting informed and following the steps outlined below:

Think about how you use your phone in business – Do you use your phone mostly to make calls or receive calls? Do you get a lot of time sensitive emails? Do you use a lot of social media? In Australia, business phone plans generally come with a subsidised mobile handset in exchange for going on a contract. There’s no need to go on a high contract just to get a better phone if you are not going to use all of the features.

Think about how you are going to use your phone in the future – Will you use your phone mostly to make calls or receive calls? Will you get a lot of time sensitive emails? Will you, or could you use a lot of social media? Sometimes, it is better to pay a little bit more each month because of the productivity increases you can see when using a business smartphone most effectively.

Think about whether you really need that latest fad handset you have been eyeing off – Do you really need that new iPhone 5 handset? Or will a good solid handset with similar features like the Nokia E6 fulfil your needs. I’m not knocking the Nokia E6. It is a great business phone and it is much more cost effective for many business owners. (You can still get apps on a Nokia E6!)

Engage someone you trust to help you navigate the business phone plan minefield – Perhaps you just don’t have the time to properly analyse all of the business phone plan information that is available in the marketplace. If this is the case it is time to engage the services of a business telecommunications specialist who will take the time to understand your business and recommend the right solution.

Business phones need not be the end of the world and lead to you suffering huge cost blowouts. If you follow these handy tips when your telecommunications contracts are eligible to upgrade you should see yourself in good stead!

4 Tips On Picking the Best Business Phone System for Your Business

The right business phone system and solution is vital- whether you are just starting out or whether you’ve been in business for years. You need a business system that is flexible, scalable and future proof. The purpose of this article is to help you analyse and assess your business phone and telecommunications needs (landlines, mobile and internet) and also to give you advice on how to come to the decision that will best suit your needs.

Become knowledgeable of business phone plans- There are so many different plans out there and so many different technologies that it is easy to get confused. You do need a business phone but you should not just sign up to any old plan. Make sure you sign up to a plan that actually suits your needs and make sure you know what it includes. With smartphones you now need to think about data. Do you run a fleet of phones where calls and data should be shared across the account?

Look at new technology and how it can improve business productivity- Have you looked at VoIP for your landlines? Do you run smartphones? New technology can streamline business processes and also ensure that you are more contactable when your customers want to contact you. The right business PBX system can lead to customers being able to call you on one number and then both your desk phone and mobile ring. A smartphone allows you to respond to emails on the road and gain hours back in your day.

Remember sometimes spending money can help you make money- If you run a sales team they should have smartphones and tablet devices. We’ve seen clients of ours get back up to two hours in their day and potentially double the number of customers that they can see.

Business phones and telecommunications perhaps shouldn’t just be about cost- These days, all telecommunications carriers are competing on price. It’s actually cheaper to use a mobile phone now than it was 5 years ago (whilst everything else is getting more expensive.) Having said that, business phone systems and communications are some of your most important resources and need to be treated accordingly. There’s an old saying that ‘you get what you pay for.’ Sometimes it might be worth paying a few extra dollars each month if it business you get to deal with a knowledgeable business telecommunications consultant who can give you the right solution to start with but also ensure that it can scale as your business grows and changes.

The right business phone system choice is vital. It can be the difference between a good and a great business. Follow the tips I have mentioned above and you should be able to confidently find the telecommunications solution that best suits your needs.